Friday, March 03, 2006

Klein Outta Control

This is a rhetorical question right?! Is Alberta Premier Klein a folksy charmer or a ranting hothead? Is King Ralph drunk with power or just drunk?

As I pondered here yesterday if he does this in public what does he do in private?

Poor Colleen, poor Alberta. We both have to put up with an abusive, tyrannical drunk.

And its not like the media didn't know about Ralph's temper and his intemperance, they just have laughed it off and helped cover it up.
Afraid of his wrath just like Colleen.

The King is in his counting house laughing like a maniac......

On Monday, Klein's handlers were left to clean up after the premier said - inaccurately - that Prime Minister Stephen Harper had promised to hold Senate elections in the fall.

A few days earlier, he had been confused during question period about the amount of money health authorities had requested from the province, pegging it first at $100.6 billion and then at $10.6 billion. Only later, outside the house, did he concede that he had truly bollixed the math - and the Hansard record - because the correct figure was $1.6 billion.

Then came Wednesday's incident. During a heated question period exchange over his plans for health-care reform, the Liberals sent their policy booklet to the premier though a legislative page.

"I don't need this crap," snorted Klein, tossing the booklet over his shoulder. There were conflicting reports as to whether it actually hit 17-year-old Jennifer Huygen, since the chamber camera didn't record the incident and press gallery reporters, who listen to question period from their offices, didn't see it.

Keith Brownsey, a political scientist at Mount Royal College in Calgary, said there's nothing new in Klein's behaviour and it probably won't hurt him when his party reviews his leadership later this month. "This has been his standard operating procedure since Day 1," said Brownsey. "It ranks up there with the confrontation with the homeless . . . back in 2001. This is a shameful display, a complete disregard for the position of the Opposition and the decorum of our parliamentary system. "But he's always been like this. The attitude, generally speaking, in Alberta is, 'Oh, it's just Ralph,' and he's forgiven." Brownsey compared Klein's rule to that of an autocratic kingdom like Brunei.

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