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Ralph Klein Abuser

Was Colleen Klein fearing for her safety when she pushed hubby to go for a fourth term? Calgary Herald Columnist Don Braid thinks so.........

And Klein did admit it was Colleen who pushed him into seeking a fourth term which, in my view, may have more to do with her concern that he'll start drinking again once the public spotlight moves on.

And we know that alcoholics are abusive, even after they have gone sober, which may also explain why Colleen is so reluctant to appear in public.

Her foes insist she's become reclusive from political life.

That's true, too.

Homebody Colleen Klein rarely travels on trade missions anymore and refused, for example, to attend the premiers' conference in Banff last summer until a Klein bodyguard offered to take care of her pooch.

Klein proved he was abusive in the most public way in the infamous incident with the unemployed at the homeless shelter. Drunk in charge He swore off drinking but that was temporary, typical alcoholic behaviour.

It is odd that none of the journalists and politicians, save for Pannu, criticized Klein for drunkenly barging into to a homeless shelter. It seems that homeless baiting is an acceptable pursuit in Alberta, encouraged and practised by the premier himself. At least that is what I glean from the-excuse the cliché-conspiracy of silence regarding Klein's night at the homeless shelter. Ralph’s alcoholism a smokescreen

“Ashley Geddes, a colleague at The Edmonton Journal, had to wait a year to get a story in print in the early '90s about cabinet minister Steve West's shenanigans in local bars. References to West's sometime drinking buddy of the day, Klein, were removed.” Mark Lisac

Klein’s drinking habits have a long public history.

The stories of Klein and alcohol are endless. He drank openly as Mayor of Calgary in the 1980s. He made the St. Louis Hotel in Calgary a national institution. He drinks with reporters. When he decided to contest the Conservative Party leadership in 1992, he was asked about the drinking. His response: a guy can change. He didn’t.

He also has a gambling addiction. An addict is an addict. And those with addictions are the most common abusers.

King Ralph promotes liberalizing legislation for his addictions. The privatization of liquor, the expansion of VLT's and gambling, and of course the watering down of the provincial anti-smoking laws.

Smoking bill changes: Klein. Red Deer
Advocate, A6.

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein states that changes to a private member's bill that calls for a provincewide smoking ban will not weaken the proposed legislation. Amendments to the bill will allow smoking in bars, casinos, and bingo halls as they are locations where children are not allowed. Klein indicates that the amendments are due to concerns from rural residents and bar owners.

Ralphs sin taxes are a major source of government revenue, over and above even that paid by the oil industry.

Even for a family in which nobody smokes, gambles or drinks alcohol, this means a provincial tax bill of $1,029 per month. Mom and dad don’t see this $1,029 taken off of their pay cheques, but that is what the average Alberta family pays in provincial tax each month when you include both visible and hidden taxes.

What does not get paid for is Womens Shelters. Last year despite another record surplus, funding for womens shelters in Edmonton and Calgary were on the bottom of the governments social priorities.

It's something that neither Ralph nor Colleen talk about. Wonder why? Colleen who champions all sorts of causes has never once championed abused women in Alberta. Is it denial? Denial is common amongst abuse victims.

Alberta has the most cases of violent domestic crime in Canada. And native women in particular have less access to services and safe houses.
Why are First Nations Shelters worth less than other Shelters in Alberta? Being Metis you would think this would concern Colleen. Instead she focuses on meth addiction as Don Braid says in his article;

Besides, to argue Colleen Klein is in this for the transportation trappings of political royalty clashes with 25 years as a humble volunteer helping charities, particularly children, and her latest push to curb the spread of crystal meth addictions in youth.

Klein abused the disabled during the 2004 election, he publicly used those on AISH as a political punching bag, declaring they weren't Normal Albertans. Ironically his government was sued to payback AISH payments they had stolen from the disabled, widows and the poor. Klein Steals From The Poor And Disabled

Klein is an abuser in public. And this is just another of those incidents. Again behaviour associated with alcoholism.

Klein sorry after hitting page with tossed book
The genesis of the incident is a verbal exchange between the Tories and the opposition.CTV Edmonton reporter Dan Kobe said Klein told the Liberals in the provincial legislature that if they had any good ideas about health care, they should send them over to him.The Liberals used the invitation to send over a copy of their health policy red book, which a page took over to the premier. "The premier admits he threw it back at her and called it crap," Kobe said.

What is he like in private?

So ask why the media in Alberta which knows all about King Ralphs dark side have abetted in covering it up. Afraid of his wrath or is it the silence of compatriots, since he used to be one of them. Those in the media who know have been silent. Perhaps they are waiting to write the tell all biography after he retires, and is safely out of power.

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