Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mexican Murder Cover Up?

The murder of Ianieros has shown the extent to which Mexican State authorities and their allies in the travel and tourism industry in Mexico and abroad will go to cover up a horrifying murder that could impact on their business. Or is it something even more sinister?

And what does the Harper government do, why nothing. MacKay satisfied with Mexico's co-operation

What co-operation, they have blamed Canadian tourists for the murders. To distract from the real murderer(s). Who may have struck before. Since the murder of tourists in Cancun is not unheard of and another couple had been killed only two months before, and one of the killers was still at large.

However this was not initially seen as a robbery but a professional hit! And blamed on the victims! Anybody but a local.

The tearful niece of Dominic and Nancy Ianiero delivered an emotional eulogy for her aunt and uncle today in which she indignantly dismissed suggestions that organized crime had anything to do with the pair’s brutal death. Rosanna Ianiero held back tears throughout a heartfelt tribute to the couple, but her voice grew strong and purposeful as she chided authorities in Mexico for their repeated insinuations that the tragedy could be linked to illicit activities.

And the Mexican authorities still insist it was a professional hit, though why or by whom they don't know, or want to say, the later being more likely.

The attorney general for Quintana Roo state (Bello Melchor Rodriguez y Carrillo) initially said it appeared to be a "professional" manner. But he now says he doesn't think the killings are related to organized crime.Organized crime not involved in murders, authorities

Now why would he say that could it be because of this....Drug War Hits Vacation Hot Spot

CANCUN, Mexico, Dec. 1, 2004

Moving to halt a bloody drug war that has moved south, Mexico was investigating the federal prosecutor's office in this beach resort town for possible involvement in the killings of nine people, including three federal agents. Soldiers seized the Cancun Attorney General's office at the center of the probe on Tuesday, and Mexico's top drug and organized crime prosecutor said all federal employees there were under suspicion.
Official Says Tijuana, Gulf Cartels Have United
Published by the Los Angeles Times, 1/14/05
He said the restructuring of Mexico's cartels comes amid almost daily drug-related murders from Cancun, an entry point for Colombian cocaine, to Reynosa and Tijuana, border transshipment centers.

frontline: murder money & mexico: readings
Tourism projects have always been a prime venue for money laundering investment by Mexican drug traffickers. Felix Gallardo invested in Hermosillo and Puerto Vallarta, as did Chapo-Guzman in Southern Nayarit and Banderas Bay in Nuevo Vallarta. In time, we may discover that Juan Garcia Abrego has investments in Punta Diamante, as he does in Monterrey and Matamoros, and that the Cancun-Tulum project is another example of money laundering symbiosis between narco-power and elites in Mexico.

And the cover up began in Mexico from day one.

Wilson, who stayed two buildings away from the Ianieros, first caught wind of the murders two days after they had occurred. All he heard were rumours, and there never was an official announcement made to anyone at the resort complex, he said. "I'm surprised at how big of a story it is here, because down there, there was no story. There was just rumour and speculation and that's it," said Wilson.Travellers still heading to Mexico, despite murders

And the cover up continues, this is more than mere ineptness, with stalled press conferences, lack of cooperation with the RCMP, lack of news about it in Mexico or in Cancun. etc. in order to minimize the impact on Mexicos tourist trade.

Christiane Theberge, vice-president of public affairs for the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies, said the group received only a handful of concerned calls from the public when news broke about the killings. “It was kind of clear the next day that it looks like something very close to a personal incident than an trend,” Theberge said from her office in Ottawa. “It was mostly seen as an isolated act of violence.

The Ianieros may have been victims of mistaken identity by the Cocaine Cartels in the region. Since it was alleged that their room was mistaken for another according to initial police reports. And that fact would hurt Cancun's tourism more than just a random murder, which may explain the Mexican cover up.

And MacKay is satisfied.Twit.

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