Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pension Free China

The Blogging Tories and right wingers who hate State Supported Pensions like Steve Janke should be cheering this bastion of Free Enterprize. Steve says;thanks to socialized universal pension plans, children have no value. Really well explain this then; since China has a population control policy and NO Universal Public Pensions.

Over 80 percent of Chinese workers have no basic pension insurance

According to a report of the Economic Information Daily on 17 February quoting official statistics, over 80 percent of workers in China have no basic pension insurance. More than 85 percent of people living in cities and towns do not have basic medical insurance, the paper added. The poor and the needy in urban areas have not received any systematic social assistance. [Read more]

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Socialist Swine said...

I read the same post by Mr. Janke and I agree it's a rather strange view he holds. Normally, while I disagree with him, I can follow his line of reasoning. This time that's not the case. Indeed, I would suggest that in his post he really fails to consider things such as the fact that it's in the countries with socialized pensions that there are the lowest incidents of child mortality. Perhaps people in the countries that can afford social security don't have as many kids because their kids are less likely to die on them. People in the developing world have lots of kids because their kids die of starvation, malaria, TB, and a wide range of other things resulting from their poverty. Is this what Mr. Janke wants us to strive for?

-Socialist Swine

eugene plawiuk said...

I too have commented early on his strange posting about children having value, that is value as workers, as creators of exchange value. It is an arguement that originally arises from the ideal of pre-Mao China, the idea of ancestor worship and support of ones elders. This occurs in several Asiatic societies, as well as in the West amongst aboriginal peoples, the idea that having children will mean they are 'obliged' to support you in your old age. It is also an arguement that occurs in the Libertarian movement in the U.S. both Murray Rothbard and Wendy McElroy have argued that child labour is ok, of course they are talking about working for KFC or McDonalds not the brutish nasty child slavery in Pakistan today or in Canada in the past when children laboured in the mines. Such idealists. McElroy argues better to be exploited sewing soccer balls than working the streets as under age sex slaves. Her mistake is that there is no either or, sexual and economic exploitation are just two sides of the same coin. Janke is off his rocker as usual.