Monday, March 20, 2006

There's No Life Like It

To my friends on the Right and Left who believe Canada is right in continuing its involvement as the agent of U.S. Imperialism in Afghanistan, may I suggest you put your money where your mouth is.

Join the Canadian Armed Forces!

Don't let it be just unemployed and under-employed youth in the Maritimes, where the bulk of the current TV ads are running, who go and fight the good fight you support. Because they can't find jobs, they join the military to pay for their post secondary education, or get trades training. No one thought they were signing up to kill and be killed.

But now all that has changed. So here is your opportunity to prove that your patriotism is more than just a lot of blog hot air, or crocodile cheers, put up or shut up.

Remember you can blog from Kandahar. No need to sit on your ass in Canada, this is YOUR WAR. Go Now, don't delay.

Thank you this has been a free public service announcement on behalf of the Department of National Defense and our Brave Men and Women in combat. Defending Canada from the Taliban Navy and Al-Quaeda Airforce.

From April 2003 to March 2004, the Department of National Defence undertook an advertising campaign to help recruit close to 10,000 personnel for the Regular Force and Reserve Force. The campaign primarily targeted Canadian youth between the ages of 16 and 34, as well as those who influence youth in their career choices, such as parents and career counselors in colleges and universities.

It aimed to convey two key messages:

  • The Canadian Forces is a unique employer with many possibilities to offer youth who are looking for a (new) career.
  • The Canadian Forces is hiring for full- and part-time openings in more than 100 different occupations.
Target Audience:
  • Canadian youth aged 16-34, specifically the sub-group of 18- to 24-year old.
  • Youths' influencers—their parents, teachers, guidance counsellors, friends, community leaders and so on.
  • For some of the occupations, advertisements were targeted to youth who study specific programs at colleges and universities across Canada, or who already possess some of the skill set required for that occupation.

International Women's Day, March 8 2006

Published by Canadian Forces Recruiting Group Multimedia Services 3/6/2006

ImageOn the occasion of International Women's Day 2006, a new poster entitled "In Praise of Women in the Canadian Forces" is available for download.
The Canadian Forces takes pride in being a leader in the field of equality and women’s rights and is actively recruiting women for dynamic, rewarding positions.

Title Image
The defence of our country is serious business and that is what combat arms is all about. Soldiers take pride in protecting and fighting for what all Canadians believe in, here and abroad. Do YOU have what it takes?

Or are you all Talk Talk Talk?


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Anonymous said...


the harpercrites are chicken hawks,
you know that, they always have excuses
oh i'm to old
oh i would but i have a medical condition
blah blah blah

according to the "experts" it's gonna be a long commitment

i say bring the draft, let everyone have a fair shake at serving rich poor liberal conservative etc

Dave said...

I did 32 years, from ordinary seaman to commander. I have two wound stripes, five peacekeeping medals, a South Atlantic Medal,a Gulf War Medal, A Special Service Medal, an Order of Military Merit and a CD. I served and led troops at sea and in special ops.

You go. I did my bit.

eugene plawiuk said...

Good on ya Dave. But I don't support the war in Afghanistan. On the other hand prior to that operation most operations were peace keeping, and on the job training opportunities for working class youth. But your pals that do support the war over at the Torch should put up or shut up. Otherwise as Jacobin says they are Chicken...hawks.

Dave said...

Your assessment of "peacekeeping" is flawed.

eugene plawiuk said...

Not mine sorry its the Department of Defense's definition as well as the Pearson Institute. Check the links in my blog articles.