Monday, March 27, 2006

War on the Ice

Frustration, hot tempers and arrests mark start of Atlantic seal hunt

I dunno know do ya think that a lower than expected kill number might have something to do with it?

"So far the hunters have taken 3 000 to 4 000 seals. That's not ridiculously slow, but it's not fast either. It's the lower edge of the norm," Simon told Reuters.

Some sealers park boats after slow opening day

Which is not actually the celeberaties and anti-seal hunt protestors fault, but then they are there and are an easy target to lash out at. And the protestors will of course take credit for it.

"The hunters are very frustrated. About 60 fishing vessels have returned. The sealers needed to calm down," said Jean-Claude Lapierre, a spokesperson with the Magdalen Islands sealers association. "The animals are scarce because of the thinning ice conditions. And now they have to deal with Ms. Aldworth's group who is intervening with our livelihood."

The seal population was devasted by mother nature earlier this year. Reducing the herd count.

Seal Hunt Protest Cancelled
Hundreds of baby seals were washed out to sea and drowned by surging waves propelled by a major blizzard yesterday.

No species chauvinism there, just a mass genocide due to natural causes. The law of the biosevere that Captain Paul Watson loves so much.

Opps here comes Mother Nature again;
Spring blizzard blankets eastern Newfoundland

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