Sunday, March 12, 2006

White Whing Wacist

There are those on the rightwing of the blogosphere in Canada that think they can blissfully go on and on in a racist fashion and think it's funny. Worse they think it's defensible.

I am refering the collective of mental midgets over at Cannuckistan Chronicles. The latest White Whing Wacist outburst in this case was posted by Richard, the Cannucklehead.

Breaking News: Sand Monkeys and MoonBats Really Are That Dumb!

Sand Monkeys. Whats next Rag Heads? Is it any less racist or offensive? No. But hey Richard the White Whing Wascist already has his excuse's ready for those of us offended by his racism.

Note to whiners complaining about the use of the term Sand Monkey: Sand Monkeys are not a race. They are a group. Specifically, they're a group comprised of Islamofascists otherwise known as terrorists. You politely refer to them as insurgents or freedom fighters. Now, if any of you folks who wish to complain about the phrase would like to point me in the direction of one of these islamofascist/terrorists, I'd be more than happy to question them on how they feel about it's use.

Sure he would from the safety of his Canadian blogosphere. This mental midget thinks this clever comment clears him from being a hatemonger and racist. Far from it, it merely confirms he is unapologetic about his hatemongering and racism.

But worse yet Richard literally palpitates with joy over the death of Tom Fox the Christian PeaceMaker. Richard says he deserved to die and his fellow Canadian and Brit comrades deserve to die too. The vitrol drools vindictively in his post.

As a matter of fact, I am pleased things turned out this way. And, yes, I'm hoping the same fate befalls the others. I don't think these treasonous SOB's should live the same way I don't think serial killers should live. These individuals, in my mind anyway, are far from innocent. They're reaping the seeds they've sown and we're devoting far too many resources to try to save their lame asses. Maybe you idiots will finally wake up and join the war on terror instead of fighting your war against western civilisation.

These are far from rational well meaning folks whose politics differ from mine. They are rabid racist dogs of war. There is no reasoning with them. Nor should one try. Merely exposing them to the light of day may help them retreat back under the rock from whence they crawled with their cousins in the White Supremacist movement.

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Richard said...

Thanks for the link. I've returned the favor.

lecentre said...

I think the issue is that white supremacists refer to Muslims and Arabs as sand monkeys, while here Richard is using the same term to denote a subsection of them. The issue is more a misuse of a term (like using the n-word to refer to to a gypsy) and some lack of creativity, rather than racism.

Anyways, if you wanted to convince me he's a racist for using that term the way he did, I'd say you're being dogmatic and haven't made much of an argument. He's not a racist, he's someone with a poor vocabulary. Oh, and I'll be more than happy to insult the islamofascists too.
And as to him saying it from the Canadian blogosphere, that's more common sense than cowardice. I don't see the logic in finding Osama Bin laden to insult him to his face (though he might appreciate the 'islamofascist' title). I value having my head firmly on my shoulders.

Larry Gambone said...

If these Kay-nuk neoconazi moonbats want to see "sand monkeys" killed, why don't they mosey on down South and join the US Army? I think I know why - because like the chicken hawk US neoconazis they adore, they are yellow, spineless cowards who gloat when genuinely courageous people like the Christian peace makers are murdered.

eugene plawiuk said...

Thanks Larry I think you've hit the nail on the head.
Reply to lecentre. As for Richard his basic line is anyone who disagrees with him is a F***Head.
I too am opposed to all Fundamentalisms,which does not give me the right to demean and dehumanize them.

Sycorax said...

So... What does that make you guys then with comments such as:

"White Whing Wacist"

"Kay-nuk neoconazi moonbats"

Just wondering....If you feel like "Lefties" are the ONLY people that are allowed to discriminate against others they have never met. What I see coming out of the "left wing" blogs, is way worse than anything that Richard wrote.

Richard said...

Lecentre: Sorry to disappoint but I have an extensive vocabulary. You see, in order for communication to take place, there has to be a sender, a receiver and a message. The message needs to be something that is clear and understood by the receiver. As I'm not communicating to MoonBats, I don't have to speak their language. In fact, I spend considerable time translating their language, or vocabulary if you will, into something normal people can understand.

Larry: You're an idiot. Do I have to become pregnant myself if I'm to support and encourage my wife through her pregnancy?

If I were to comment on healthcare, would I have to be a healthcare professional? Hmmmmm?

I notice that you speak to capitalism a fair ammount on your blog Larry. Using your logic, you'll have to shut up on the subject unless you're a capitalist yourself.

Eugene: Please, if you would, show us exactly where you discovered that my basic line is that anyone who disagrees with me is a "f***head". To do otherwise would be completely dishonest of you.

eugene plawiuk said...

Well Richard you may not call the Left or those you oppose F***head but here is what you do say; "I see more depravity and insanity on the part of the left". Depravity, insanity. Well now I guess we will have to call your Dr. Richard, since you appear to have a degree in psychiatry.