Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tout va Bien

It may not be quite a re-enactment of the student revolt of May' 68 but once again the proletarian students have seized the Sorbonne! Be Realistic Demand The Impossible!

Police and students clashed Saturday at Sorbonne University.

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Wise G said...

Do you really think this will accomplish much? I doubt it. If France wants to remain competitive in the current economic environment it seem reasonable for them to have more flexible labour laws. Just my two cents.


Firstly University education used to be free in France, Britain and Germany. Free. Which allowed them to create that knowledge based working class business always goes on about. But under pressure from business and neo-liberalites these countries have introduced American style tuition. Dumb move. Extrodinarly contradictory.

And as we know, unemployment is a weapon to keep wages down. So creating a law where you can be fired arbitrarily after two years, aimed at young workers, creates a huge pool of just in time workers, temp workers, who if they demand better for themselves get kicked out the door.