Monday, April 17, 2006

Whither the NDP

Aiden the Marijauna Party Candidate in Peterborough has a blog. Guess you could call it a Green blog....he he....anyways in a well written insightful article he challenges the right over the label socialist being applied to the NDP.

And he links to my humble blog article on the capitalist nature of the major Parliamentary Parties. So in return, I thought I would link to his article, and here is a taste of his commentary;

The debate now is whether the NDP is a liberal party or a social democratic one. The NDP has not necessarily embraced neoliberalism yet like many of their social democratic European sister parties or like the Green parties. But we can be sure that Jack Layton would love to be a Canadian Tony Blair if it meant he could capture government.

Like I said can't disagree with his assessment of Smilin Jack as I have blogged here.

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Aiden-PTBO-Marijuana said...

Thanks for the link and the quote eh. hahah- I guess my blog is green but only in colour... The Green party is a tad too right wing for me though they do have the best Marijuana policy. :-D


You know the Green Party is to the right when they rank above the NDP in Calgray during elections in some ridings.