Thursday, May 18, 2006

Conservative Anti-Kyoto Alliance

It is interesting that the same alliance in Iraq is also the Alliance Against Kyoto. That is the Conservative Government of Australia, the US and now the Conservative Government in Ottawa.
Federal Environment Minister Ian Campbell says Australia should be talking to Canada about joining the Asia-Pacific climate change partnership. Prime Minister John Howard is flying to Canada from the US later today to meet the new Canadian Prime Minister.It is expected they will discuss the Asia-Pacific Clean Development and Climate Partnership, which was set up in January.Campbell talks up Canadian climate change deal membership

The Tories seem fixated on "voluntary" compliance, which may explain their interest in the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate. It includes such non-Kyoto signatories as China and the U.S. Like Kyoto, it favours research on clean technology. Unlike Kyoto, it doesn't require members to live by greenhouse gas reduction targets. If Harper thinks "voluntary" works, just try it with income tax. Diluting Kyoto recipe for crisis

Oh by the way ask yourself this; why is our Environment Minister Rona Ambrose who heads the UN Kyoto Conference not in Bonn. The conference is two weeks long. It's a question that Canadian delegates are asking.

She came, she spoke, she hastily departed. What an embarassment.

I am not an environmentalist but I play one

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