Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Aw Shucks

Le Revue Gauche is one of my favourite blogs of all time. Eugene Plawiuk, guerrilla brainiac at large, makes mincemeat out of just about everyone. This guy is an equal opportunity billshit detector. Here's his take on Iggy's speechifying at the last debate re that whole "narrative" hocus-pocus blah-dee-blah: The Professor Versus the Populist If Ignatieff becomes leader of the Liberals it will

Aw shucks thanks. It's a tough job and somebodies got to do it. But it is nice to be appreciated.

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indievoter said...

That posting got me kicked out of the Liberal party. Just kidding. I really did get hammered though. That Iggy bunch are pretty zealous. I've actually changed the direction of my blog and deleted all Liberal postings. For now. But I do enjoy your amazing commentary and will continue to read with great enthusiasm.

son of gaia said...

"an equal opportunity bullshit detector"

What a succinctly accurate description of you, ol' chap! Keep up the good work.

Joshua Kubinec said...

Careful guys, it might go to his head!