Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Zionist State Murders Children, Again

And one cannot say this is blood libel. Just business as usual for the Zionist Occupational State. Israel Murders Innocents

Where is the outrage?
Three children killed by Israel air strike on Gaza

Or the outrage over their lying about killing unarmed innocent civilians as there would be over suicide bombings in Israel.

Missles and artillery are the weapons of war. Nothing personal. Just killing Palestinians errr terrorists.
Israel fires missile at Gaza: witnesses

Because they have a political agenda and security of the working class in Israel is not part of it. The rocket attacks from Gaza have been a convivent excuse to continue the Zionist State's relentless campaign of assisination of Palestinian leadership.

Israeli Town Shuts Down to Protest Attacks

The Israeli army has failed to halt the rocket fire despite airstrikes and artillery attacks, putting Defense Minister Amir Peretz, a resident of the town, in an awkward position. As the demonstrations began Tuesday, Palestinian militants fired at least three rockets from the northern Gaza Strip, about three miles away. No damage or injuries were reported.

The majority of the rockets fired by Hamas and other militants have been about as effective as fireworks, more bust than bang. But are perfect excuse for Israel to continue its air offensive on selective targets. The Isreali government has abandoned this town, while focusing its efforts on protecting its illegal settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

And as you read the news headlines once again the death of Palestinian families and children will be pushed aside for the phoney outrage over the rocket attacks on this town in Israel. Even though they have been no more effective than fireworks.

On this the 350 anniversary of the readmission of the Jews to England, who as a result of British pogroms suffered real blood libel and the resulting massacres through out Europe for the past four hundred years. The Zionist State is not their natural inheritence but a State of conviniance formed for them by the British and allies after WWII. It is not the answer for the crimes committed against Jews by the blood libel. Rather it is now the excuse for the Zionists to blood libel their opponents.

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1 comment:

A date with KHAN said...

This is totally out a grave act of state terrorism. How can any culture, religion or civilization accept innocent children being killed? This news comes as a great tragedy and anger at the state of the Zion terrorist Jews. With all the money they suck from the poor effected Palestinians and funding they get from their ally US, they yet fail to recognize that Children will be killed with their sophisticated military and technology. The world and especially the west have shown double standards and clearly have view Muslims as non-Human beings thus killing few children here and there does not matter.

This act of Jewish terrorism is well orcastrated and designed to increase the anger of the Muslims living in Palestine and the rest of the world. This (as the Jewish state terrorists know) will have retaliation which is what they want, so they can continue striking the future (children) of Muslims.

Had this been other way around the world would consider this an despicable act of state terrorism, but since it’s the Muslims on the receiving end they shall proudly label it as “Israeli self defense”. This is double standard by the west and I totally reject any excuse from any official whether he be in Palestine, Europe or America.