Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Capitalist Enema

Stupid headline: Labour mobility 'constipated,' economist warns

Oh so what do we need a capitalist enema, yep he says just like that MP from Northern Alberta.

The enema of course is ending EI benefits and pushing folks out of the Maritimes and the East towards the West where the labour shortage is.

By the by this policy is not Conservative but Liberal, Trudeau implemented it back during the boom of the Seventies.

Last one out of Newfoundland please turn out the lights.

While the unemployment rate has dropped across Canada, there has been no convergence between West and East: The unemployment rate in the East is still 30% above the Canadian average, Mr. Orr told a conference call. Newfoundland has consistently had the highest rate of unemployment, which last month came in at 14.8% compared with 3.4% for Alberta. Quebec, which accounts for 23% of Canada's labour force, has averaged 10% unemployment over the past 30 years, though it made some headway in May, with the rate dropping to 7.9%. While oil companies and retailers have brought recruiting missions east and labour mobility has improved from Newfoundland and other eastern provinces, Mr. Orr said the federal government should do more to encourage migration, including reforming the employment insurance program.

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