Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Traffic In Women

Canada's Complicity in Human Trafficking
If there's one labour shortage that the Canadian government won't tolerate, it's not having enough strippers.

OTTAWA - The number of foreign exotic dancers flocking to Canada has dropped dramatically since the federal government scrapped a controversial visa program intended to fill a national "labour shortage.''

Citizenship and Immigration Canada documents obtained by CanWest News Service show fewer than 10 new temporary work permits were issued for strippers in 2005, down 82 per cent from the 57 handed out the year before.

Permit extensions for dancers already here also plummeted, down 84 per cent to just 60 last year from 366 in 2004.

Until recently, the federal government granted temporary work visas to nude dancers -- mostly from Eastern European countries such as Romania -- based on a lack of Canadians willing to do the job.

Yep and it seems that Russian strippers are the most popular, via Israel. Of course on the other hand if they got a Canada Council Grant they could deem themselves performance artists.

Once again that infamous excuse for illegal immigration is used, no Canadians would take the jobs. In this case its legal immigration, traffic in women, that is being promoted with this same excuse. Well duh yeah when you pay them crap wages. Which is why all sex trade workers need a union. To keep out the pimps and panders, even if they are Cabinet Ministers.

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