Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Chicken Little Cries Labour Shortage

There is no labour shortage in Canada. There is however a push by the bosses to reduce workers wages so as to cut costs for expanding tar sands operations. So says the Conference Board of Canda.

The results will be a rapid increase in wages, and some projects may be cancelled or delayed, the report warned. "It may be time to consider expanding Canada's foreign workers program, which allows foreign labourers to work in Canada on a temporary basis."Alberta's labour shortfall could increase massively

The cost over-runs are a historical phenomena of poor management.Bechtel, Flour and other international engineering companies contracted to build these huge strip mines have done so with an open cheque book. Thus cost over-runs. A problem when you contract out your plant construction.

The labour shortages are ten years out, ample time to produce an effective apprenticeship program. Begining in high school for the majority of students who only graduate with a General Diploma.

But the real reason that the bosses are saying the sky is falling is that the building trades have only four years left on their unprecidented ten year collective agreements.

The Conference Board predicts that the Alberta labour crisis will occur that same year, 2010. Hmmm are they telegraphing the attitude at the bargaining table this far in advance. You bet. Anyone who would suggest a ten year contract for labour peace in order to contain costs will stoop to anything to reduce labour costs, but not wastage, because that's where the profit is.

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