Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Libertarian Youth For Labour

Yes you read that right. Pardon the pun. No its not a shadowy Trotskyist fifth column infiltrating the Libertarian movement, that was Murray Bookchin. Nope this is the blog of two libertarian youth from the US of A. And they have an interesting post today.

Five Reasons Government is Bad for Labor

1. Historical precedent. Most of the time governments have intervened in labor disputes, it's been to the detriment of the workers. Governments have forced workers back to their jobs, condoned violent strikebreaking efforts and rescinding support when labor needs it most..

And it just gets better with the other four. Especially the attack on taxes, which I agree with, they correctly point out that taxes reduces the effectiveness of pay and benefit increases.

There you go Libertarian Youth defending da woiking class and its organizations. Now if only the Blogging Tories were as broad minded. Especially those claiming to be libertarians.

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1 comment:

freeman said...

That was an interesting post by them.

I wouldn't call them left-libertarians though. I've checked out their blog from time to time and I've found it to be a mixed bag. (anti-anarchy, pro-patents, apparent inability to distinguish free markets from capitalism)