Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fiscally Challenged

The Harpocrite government suffers from a literacy problem. Must be from having so many hayseeds in the Conservative party. So we are gonna trust these folks to pass a law on accountability when they admit they don't understand the existing election laws? Too rich.

Tories caught in donation dispute
- The Conservative party may have illegally accepted millions in unreported donations last year because it didn't understand political financing laws.

Indeed, registration forms for the convention show that the party even charged a $750 fee to professional groups and outside associations, generally lobbyists, who sent representatives to observe the convention.

For such fees, the registration form also noted that payment could be made using corporate credit cards and corporate cheques.

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berlynn said...

So much in so few sentences! Thanks, Eugene. I've linked to you in my update.

Thanks also for putting a bug in my ear about a site meter. What interesting things one finds!

eugene plawiuk said...

Thanks berlynn