Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tory and NDP Agree: Education Minister Useless

Alberta's Minister of Education, the Liberal turn-coat and opportunist, Eugene Zwozdesky had a bad day yesterday.

First off Tiny Tory Leadership contender Dave Hancock kicked off his leadership bid announcing that his sole platform was the education crisis in Alberta. He denounced Zwozdesky and the government for failing to fully fund public education.
Alta Tory leadership hopeful blames education minister for short school funds Hancock can't take the high ground since he too was in cabinet, this is a case of the kettle calling the pot black.

Then a school roof collapsed in Calgary forcing Zwozdesky to rush to Calgary to hold an impromtue press conference saying all was right with the world. While CUPE held a press conference saying that schools in Calgary were unfit for human occupation.

Late yesterday afternoon public school unions in Edmonton held a rally at his office in the afternoon with opposition NDP MLA and former Edmonton Public School Board Trustee Ray Martin calling for his resignation.

Ironically Hancock is running against another former Education Minister; Lyle Oberg, who is also out for Ralph's job. And even the heir apparent in the Leadership Race Jim Dinning leaped unto the bash Zwozdesky bandwagon.

Our education funding crisis goes back over a decade leading to crumbling infrastructure, staff cuts and the need to close schools. Why should we trust any of these guys now.

If it walks like a lame duck, and quacks like a lame duck then it must be an Alberta Tory.

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