Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hiding In Quebec

The Harpocrites would rather hide in Quebec during the nationalist festival of St. Jean Baptiste, hidden in the old Quebec Fortress than appear anywhere near Toronto this weekend.

Conservatives, anti-gay sentiment colour this year's pride parade ...

They would rather trust their fete to hoards of Quebec Nationalists than appear anywhere near Queer Street in Toronto.

The homophobia of the Conservatives is not limited to their attempt to over turn Same Sex Marriage but in the Harpocrites refusal to attend the International Aids Conference in Toronto next month.

Bloc Québécois MP Christiane Gagnon argued that Mr. Harper is willing to move mountains to attend events when aimed at gaining electoral ground, but his absence as leader of the conference's host country shows he does not act like a statesman.She said AIDS cannot be linked solely with the gay community, but the fact Mr. Harper is also skipping this summer's Outgames, a gay and lesbian athletic event in Montreal, leads her to ask about the message he is sending. Harper's plan to skip AIDS forum ‘baffling'

Once again the dim witted conservatives, whose collective brain would leave a dinosaur ashamed, fail to realize that AID's is NOT a gay disease but a sexually transmitted disease that affects more heterosexuals world wide. And in particualr women. But then again the conservatives figure women wouldn't get AIDS if they maintained monogamous marriages, stayed home and took care of the kids. Except that is exactly how they get it in Africa.

Of course if the Harpocrite dressed like this he would be sure to be hit on if he did show up at the Gay Pride parade in Toronto.

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1 comment:

Larry Gambone said...

Is Harpie in the closet or what?