Saturday, June 24, 2006

Black Hole

Ah the trials and tribulations of the rich and those who would be our new aristocracy. Like little Lord Black
In a court filing that drips with sarcasm, U.S. prosecutors accused media mogul Conrad Black of failing to disclose millions of dollars in assets -- including nearly $6 million prosecutors said they learned about in the past few days. "Black's assets mysteriously increase in value without his knowledge, his debts diminish overnight, his business partners want to give him millions of dollars he never even realized he was owed, and he is able to take all the accolades for charitable distributions from a $3.1 million foundation, despite claiming no direct or indirect control over the foundation's assets," prosecutors wrote. US: Black failed to reveal assets

Of course our poor Lord Black pleads innocent. Poor being a relative term.

A "problem with the government's motion is that it assumes Mr. Black's guilt," said a document filed on behalf of the former media mogul. "Mr. Black, however, is presumed innocent."

Well if they presumed he was innocent they wouldn't be prosecuting him of course. But Lord High Mucky Muck of course presumes that they are not prosecuting him for crimes but persecuting him for his fame and fortune.

Ironically Blacks partner who pled guilty is still his partner.
Black, Radler remain partners

After all this is a guy who has Al Capone as his hero. Who also tried to use Canada as a place to hide out from the IRS.

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