Friday, June 02, 2006

Work Sucks

The headlines say it all, the problem is that workers continue to drag their asses into work, or even take all that stress home with them and work from there. Their misplaced loyalty is seldom rewarded since our bosses are psycopaths.

We need to quit enabling these sick bosses, who download more and more work onto us in the name of productivity, which is wage slavery. Work is driving us nuts.
Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Comrades the revolutionary struggle is the struggle against work, that is against wage-slavery.

Work stress toll continues to rise

The stress of increasingly demanding jobs and invisible tethering to wireless devices is taking a rising physical toll on Canadian employees, according to a health study.

Twenty-one per cent of workers experienced physical health problems because of stress or depression in the past year that were bad enough to make them want to call in sick, the survey of 1,501 Canadian employees by Montreal-based pollster SOM for Desjardins Securities found.

The 'presenteeism' problem

Employers, who have long worried about absenteeism among their employees, should also be concerned about "presenteeism," suggests a report released today by a Canadian financial institution.

"In Canada, employees put work first -- before family and friends," says the report by Desjardins Financial Security, which argues that in doing so, everyone loses, including the employer.

Money worries trigger mental illness: Survey
Toronto Star, Canada - 12 hours ago
Maxed-out credit cards, BlackBerrys that buzz at all hours, and fear of being replaced were considered the most common triggers of mental health problems that

Health survey highlights

Is your job making you sick?

Stressed-out Canadians are putting work first, exacerbating mental health problems that affect their productivity and well-being, according to a survey released today.

Is your boss a corporate psychopath?
Answer 6 short questions to find out if you're working for a corporate psychopath.

Psychopath in a suit


Goof Off Day

The Right To Be Greedy

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Capitalism Kills

Outlaw Working Alone

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