Sunday, June 25, 2006

You Are Worth More Than You Earn

Every Canadian is worth $141,000 That is the surplus value you produce regardless of your wages and benefits. So where do we go to claim our bonuses? Why from the corporations who by the by are going into debt faster than the government, despite record profits and increased worker productivity.

Corporations also took on more debt in the quarter putting the brakes on what has been a long downward trend in their debt-to-equity ratio, leaving it at about 59 cents of debt for every dollar of equity. In contrast, the debt-to-GDP ratio of governments continued to edge down to a new 20-year low of 47.2 per cent, as governments as a whole registered another surplus in the quarter, although the size of the surplus eased. Canadians' worth rises to record

So where is all that debt and deficit hysteria of yesteryear?! And why in this boom economy are we being asked to continue to tighten our belts, accept outsourcing, and job losses?

And those who say Marxism is dead, well the corpse of capitalism still shambles on and long as it does Marx will be relevant.

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