Sunday, June 25, 2006

Capitalists Fail To Invest In Canada

No tax breaks for corporations until they actually invest all of their capital in productivity; that is workers and technology. Currently they are being funded by tax breaks by provinces like Ontario, Federal tax breaks, unionized pension funds, CPP pension funds, and shucks workers concession bargaining. Instead of investing in productivity, they are hiding their capital away in Income Trusts, which are tax avoidance schemes. All their moaning, groaning and whining is just that.

Canada as a country is failing to equip its workers as well as counterparts elsewhere in the world, and Ontario is a major reason for that failure.The average worker in the OECD will benefit from some $11,200 in new plant and equipment in 2006, and the average worker in the United States will get $13,000.The average Canadian worker, by contrast, will get $9,800 of new plant and equipment, and the average Ontario worker only $8,400. This means that for every dollar of new investment enjoyed by the typical U.S. worker in 2006, his or her Ontario counterpart will get only 65 cents, even less than the Canadian average at 75 cents.Ontario's dilapidated toolbox

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Steve Kanter said...

Maybe it the government got rid of the capital tax they would be able to fix the investment problem.

Kantor On Politics

eugene plawiuk said...

Oh please gimme a break, that is my point regardless of tax breaks capitalists will not invest in their own companies when they can make more money investing in the stock market. Removal of capital gains taxes does nothing except allow them a wider investment opportunity in the casino capitalism of the bourse.

Steve Kanter said...

The capital tax is very different from the capital gains tax. not only are you a communist, your downright wrong too!


Kanter On Politics

eugene plawiuk said...

And the capital tax can be defered which is what banks and large corporations do. Just as they difer their pension obligations. But of course as an apologist for the monopolists and corporate elite you would forget that. Wait you are a conservative, supposedly out for the little guy so what gives with the defense of those that screw the little guy.