Sunday, July 02, 2006

Alberta Is Republican Lite

The Edmonton Journal editorial board is shocked to discover Alberta is a Republican Province. Just like California. If they had read this blog they would have known that.


Many Edmontonians were probably as surprised as U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney last week to hear Ralph Klein describe Alberta as Canada's "Republican province," and to discover that the Alberta premier believes a trip to our oilfields would help American Republicans win extra votes in this November's midterm elections.

But Republican? Not so much, Cheney could have told his guest during our premier's visit to the American capital last week.

Heck, Alberta's government even tolerates same-sex marriages, albeit grudgingly. From the point of view of a lot of the so-called Republican base, Alberta's premier probably looks more like a dangerously liberal, big-government Democrat.

Actually he acts just like Schwarzenegger and that other Californian Ronald Reagan, a populist, all things to all people and just a regular guy.

One is an actor the other
is a former TV weatherman.

Hmmm does that sound like a conspiracy theory media/hollywood produces media savvy politicians.

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