Sunday, July 02, 2006

Coren Hates Canada

Gee what was that red neck saying during the Viet Nam era, oh yea Love It or Leave It.

Mujahideen Coren sounds like the wives of the Ontario Terrorists, with his shrill anti-Canadian rantings on Canada Day; Our home and naive land

Hey Coren, if America is sooooo much better go there.

Canada Day. Denial Day. Complacency Day. A day for playing with fireworks while the country burns. Wave the flag. Wave a cloth adorned with a piece of vegetation in the colours of the Liberal Party, one with little tradition and less meaning.No. Many Canadians remember the great emblem that once adorned our dominion, containing the cross, the symbol of ancient and eternal wisdom and truth.

And it just gets more shrill and bitchy as self hating Queen Coren rants on.

Remember what I said yesterday about the neo-conservatives who are more tradtionalists than their forebearers. Crapulous Coren hoists that old canard about the Canadian Flag being a Liberal Flag. Which by the by is the same rant that this guy used to go on and on about.

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bigcitylib said...

Coren's never been the same since his Irving Layton biography turned to crap on him. Out here in Toronto he's best known for helping sell used cars.

Stephen said...

Tommy Douglas once refuted Conservative arguments that switching from the Red Ensign to the new maple leaf design would remove 'Christian symbols' from the flag thus:

Douglas: The second line of argument which has been presented is that by not having the union jack on the flag we are removing the Christian symbols. I should like to point out that the crosses in the union jack are not Christian symbols in the true sense of the word.

Diefenbaker: Oh yes, they are.

Douglas: They represented battle banners which were used: St. George's Cross was first used in the crusade when the kings, barons and knights of Christendom perpetrated murder, rapine and plunder in the name of Christianity; the flag of St. Andrew was first used by the Picts and the Scots in their wars against the Saxons; the cross of St. Patrick was on the banner of the Fitzpatricks when they conquered Ireland, and very few Irishmen will be crying for the cross of St. Patrick. Certainly it has never been adopted as Ireland's flags.

Let us remember first of all that Christianity is not the only faith in Canada. There are people of Jewish faith, the Mohammedan faith and the Buddhist faith.

A rather different take from Coren's, and from a Christian, no less!