Friday, July 07, 2006

Body Count In Gaza

So far the body count is 1 Live Israeli hostage = 27 Dead Palestinians

If any other country did this there would be world condemnation.
Israeli strikes in Gaza claim more lives But in the case of Israel there is the usual silence, or a modest tch, tch, there, there. EU warns Israel on Gaza attacks .

I would think that overthrowing a democratically elected government with force would consititute a violation of international law.
Israelis support killing of Hamas leaders

I guess not if you have America on your side. And after all they know all about overthrowing democratic elections.

But after invading Gaza with tanks, bulldozers, infantry and airforce attacks the Israeli's and their allies claim the Palestinians are to blame. Blame game.Gaza offensive:Timeline

Beat your neighbour with a stick and cry out for all to hear, "see, see, he is hitting me."

Watching Gaza: “The Genovese Syndrome”

PALESTINE: The War on Children

Letter from Palestine

Except even before the hostage taking the Occupation Forces of Israel were attacking Palestinian civilians at the beach. Israel Spinning Out of Control

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