Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dinning A Liberal

On a personal note, I worry that our governments across the country have become a 'hotbed of rest' and I can only hope that Mr. Martin and others might be able to re-inject a sense of urgency, passion and priority into the affairs of our nation. Soon.

Kind personal regards,
Jim Dinning

Jim tries to serve up that this was an official donation to the Martin Campaign from TransAlta Corp. Except its signed 'king personal regards' and even though corporations are recognized as 'persons' under the law, no corporation ever sent me a letter with kind personal regards. Oh yeah nor do they add a 'personal note' to their form mail. And if I am not mistaken the $25,000 donation is the maximum, 'personal' donation a 'person', not a corporation, can make.

A tip of' the blog to Calgary Grit for this.

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