Friday, July 28, 2006

CIA Blows It, Again

Meanwhile, a different kind of authority was emerging in Mogadishu: The Islamic courts.

It was an attempt, paid for by local businessmen, to restore order by using religious law to settle disputes and punish criminals.

Each clan's court has jurisdiction only over its own clan members, but it was a start on rebuilding a law-abiding society, and in 2004 they all joined to form the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC). Unfortunately, the mere use of the word "Islamic" spooked the U.S. government.

As usual, Washington's response was mainly military. It decided that the Union of Islamic Courts was a threat and in February, CIA planes delivered large amounts of money and guns to the three warlords who dominated Mogadishu. They named themselves the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism, and started trying to suppress the UIC.

Rarely has any CIA plot backfired so comprehensively.

The White House horns in again
Hamilton Spectator
By Gwynne Dyer.

Not so, there was also the leak of nuclear bomb designs to the Iranians. Which is how the US knows that Iran can build nukes.

And once again we can thank the capitalists/businessmen for law and order. Any kind of governance that is to their benefit. Capitalism creates the State. Just watch Deadwood.

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