Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israels Measured Response

Kills another Canadian. In a deliberate attack on a UNILF lookout. So here is the real measure of Israels Measured response as King Stephen called it. Israel is now engaging in War Crimes and violations of the Geneva Convention on a daily basis.

It is the Terrorist State against the terrorists. With no criticism from the US. UK or Canada. It bombs civilians and infrasturucture in Lebanon and Gaza, while the ghosts of Guernica weep.

Our PM remains deafingly silent on the war crimes the terrorist state of Israel is conducting against our countries citizens, and those of Gaza and Lebanon.

Israel arose from the abyss and now is the face of the abyss, something I thought the Harper understood.

What do Chomsky, Saramago Think of us?

'The political objective of Israeli policy is the liquidation of the Palestinian nation,' Chomsky, Pinter, Saramago and Roy write in open letter in which they accuse Israel of deepening the crisis in the Middle East
Merav Yudilovitch

When the war began in northern Israel and the Gaza operation was expanded, Palestinian director and actor Juilano Mar Hamis sent out an e-mail asking who would paint the “Guernica” of Lebanon. Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica,” which shows the results of the Nazi bombing of Guernica in Spain, is still considered a symbol of the destruction and devastation that war leaves in its wake.

According to Mar Hamis, his e-mail was intended to awaken the world. “Just as Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ is black and white evidence of the slaughter in Spain under Franco’s reign of terror, someone needs to testify about the atrocities Israel is carrying out in Lebanon and Gaza,” he said.

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