Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lord of the Dance

I have blogged on Pan and Dionysus this week. And lo and behold he has appeared before me. As a half naked homeless man, a street person, with his shopping cart and his stark asiatic features of the Innu of the North. A Shaman who is out of place and time. On Whyte Avenue. As they say when it comes to magick it takes one to know one. Or as they say in Greek παίρνει ένας για να ξέρει ενός.

Dance, dance where ever you maybe

For I am the Lord of the Dance said he

Half naked
wrapped in a cloud of extasy

He dances on the street
His shopping cart full of sacred relics
Innu from the north
stripped down in the heat of the south
stripped of all possesions
except those he can carry
stripped of all ego
he dances to the music of the street
unheard by the consumers
who flock past him
The shaman,
The guru,

The extatic,
lost in the modern world
with his eyes inward
to the the past
to the present
to the future
to the moment
in extasis
A joy
we should

throw flowers
give gifts
he would not accept
a shiny new car

nor has he anything to teach
he is no guru
no saint
no mystic
except he is
in urban space
the seeing man
for all who are blinded
by capitalism

july 04,06

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