Wednesday, July 05, 2006

World Cup This & That

Canada's Truimph Englands Shame. It was the only Canadian player in the English Team who made the only goal in Englands defeat at the hands of Portugal.

Canadian eh.
Calgary's Owen Hargreaves leaves mark on World Cup

Now if we had only twelve more like him we could field a team in the next world cup.World Cup 2006: Hargreaves proved us all wrong

Even the Queen was unimpressed with the English team in the World Cup. The Queen of Rock n Roll that is. Elton John Lashes Out At England World Cup Team

It was debacle that should lead to a clean sweep.

Beckham quits as captain after England's World Cup exit

Unfortunately the wrong man quit.

Sven's Swansong: I should have bowed out a World Cup winner - so I'm sorry, and sad

Go Already.

BARS and restaurants are counting the cost of the weekend riot in Bolton town centre after England's World Cup defeat.

At least in Redmonton they only riot on Whyte Avenue after the Oilers win. Workingclass hooliganism knows no nation. Workers of the World United, Anyone But Arsenal

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