Monday, July 17, 2006

Scandal Harper Style

Seven Canucks die

Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Ambra Dickie confirmed the seven deaths and said three other Canadians were injured in the attack, but declined to provide names or hometowns of the victims, citing privacy laws.

The deaths occurred as the federal government began organizing evacuation plans for Canadian citizens in Lebanon while the violence in the region continues to escalate.

Bad enough the Harpocrite government has condoned the Israeli war of aggression on the civilian population in Lebanon. Now the so called accountable transparent governmentof the Harpocrites hides behind privacy laws not to name names when Canadians are killed by their pals from the Israeli Defense Forces. The silence from the Harper government over the murder of Canadians by the Imperialist Israeli's is deafening, then they try and cover it up. And then only after these deaths do they bother to start planning to evacuate Canadians from this war zone. Duh Oh.

In a telephone interview, Akhras said he got little help from Canadian consular officials.

"We're seeing that people are not really that interested," he said. "What are they waiting for? More victims?"

Akhras said his brother told him the bodies of kids killed in the blast were shattered.

"These are Canadian citizens, they're not Lebanese," he said. "They were picked up in pieces. Piece by piece.

Another relative pleaded with Ottawa to intervene.

"They're killing innocent people. They kill children with bombs," said Hussein El-Akhras, Mahmoud's cousin.

Here is an example of that selective precise bombing by Israel which the Harpocriters applaud even as our own citizens are killed. The Conservatives single minded imitation of the US policy in regards to the Middle East is putting Canada and Canadians at risk.

Mariam Shihabiyah, 39, a divorced mother of five, clutches pillows from her apartment as she flees a bombed-out area near the destroyed Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut’s southern suburbs yesterday. After days of Israeli airstrikes, Shihabiyah returned to salvage belongings from her apartment, minutes before another series of air attacks hit the area. (Associated Press)

One of Israel's top generals said residents in Lebanon were alerted to possible air strikes and told to leave dangerous areas. "We convinced them to leave their villages and homes, and go to the north of the country," said Israel's Maj. Gen. Udi Adam.

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Larry Gambone said...

Harpie is always so eagar to get into a war. Seven Canadian citizen were just murdered by Isreal. This same counry attacked Gaza and Lebanon because 3 of their soldiers got captured. By the same logic, shouldn't Canada declar war on Isreal? Even more so, since 7 people got killed. Listen up, you neocon warmongers, now's your chance.

eugene plawiuk said...

Larry my thought exactly, quizling coward that Harper is he would rather declare an undeclared war on drugs and send our troops to Afghanistan. By the same token since the Taliban are operating out of Pakistan shouldn't we also declare war on them.