Thursday, August 10, 2006

Friendly Fire

Lets see the Americans kill us in Aghanistan, the Israelis kill us in Lebanon, not to be left out our own troops are now killing each other.

War is hell.

Accidents happen.

Wonder what other excuses the brass will come up with?

It wouldn't have happened if we weren't involved in Harpers Big Adventure. Another corpse for Harpers misplaced priorities.

And as usual we get the pro-military propaganda from the parents.
Walsh's parents, Ben and Margie Walsh, released a statement saying they were proud of their son."Jeff believed in his job and felt he could make a change in Afghanistan," the statement said. "We, his parents, support Jeff and all the Forces members in Afghanistan and all our peacekeepers."

Uh, huh well what did you expect them to say. Perhaps that this war is wrong. But that wouldn't get past the military censors or the PMO.

Unfortunately Jeff wasn't expecting to get killed by his comardes.

After all our troops are helping all those nice Afghani's to stop growing opium.

And they aren't peacekeepers they are war makers; Harpers toy soldiers.

Time to bring the troops home.

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