Thursday, August 10, 2006

The New Imperialist

Imperialism is the highest form of capitalism. Lenin

China apparently has embraced Lenins axiom as only they could as a State Capitalist Autarky. Now sitting at the international table of imperialism; the WTO, China today is colonizing Africa as its resource base, just as the old European Imperialist Powers did in the past two centruries.

The death of the so called Super Powers conflict with the end of the Cold War has in the era of globalization led to what Kautsky called Ultra Imperialism. And China is ruthlessly applying the logic of Imperialism in Africa. Far more so than even the old Imperialists ever did.

Its rapacious need for resources,oil, gas, and ivory, which has increased the poaching of Elephants, makes Africa, poor Africa, the new colony of Imperialist China. The result is the same old same old, China's new Fordist economy relies upon underdeveloped Africa.

Africa will remain underdeveloped and a battlefield of Imperialism until some country on the contient develops its own Fordist economy.

Chinese goods flood SADC, there maybe benefits

More than 93 percent of these imports were manufactured goods. By comparison, regional exports to China, which also saw a dramatic increase from 1.3 billion US Dollars to over 8.2 billion US Dollars were dominated by raw material.

What Do the Chinese Want?

This article is about one part of the Chinese plan for economic independence, not interdependence, in a global economy in which China, itself, has become, perhaps, the driving engine of demand for commodities. A place formerly held, and for a very long time, by the United States, and still held by the United States in the minds of many investment advice-giving financial analysts. The part of the Chinese plan for economic independence I wish to discuss can be called the gathering and control of the natural resources necessary for a modern industrial economy.

The Chinese do not believe that the end result of their, strictly supervised by the government and intentionally limited, foray into a mixed planned and market driven economy should be that anyone with money can buy, and has the right to buy, anything they want. They believe that a great nation must first and foremost control sufficient natural resources and energy to be independent of the needs or desires of any other nation. They have entered into the global marketplace only to fulfill that purpose. This is the basis of what I call the ‘gold war’ that has supplanted the earlier unsuccessful cold war waged by the late Soviet Union. The Chinese have realized, as the Russians never did, that if a nation hopes to be powerful and respected it must first be economically self sufficient and bring first to its own people the superior benefits it claims for its political system as a global role model.

China’s scramble for Africa finds a welcome in Kenya

China Makes Trade Links With Africa

PanAfrica: China-Africa Trade Up 72 Percent

China’s empire-builders sweep up African riches

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