Saturday, August 19, 2006

Give em an inch

And they will think they are a ruler.... in this case Israel feels it can act with inpunity in violation of the current cease fire.....Hezbollah 'foils Israeli raid' and in illegal actions in the occupied terroritory of Palestine....Israel Abducts Palestinian Deputy PM

Of course this is all acceptable in the war on terrorism, except that these actions occur against democratically elected politcal parties; Hamas and Hizbollah. It is interesting to see how the American press interpreted the illegal actions of Israel in the occupied territories; Israel arrests Palestinian PM

When is an abduction not an abduction, when it is an arrest. This is kidnapping by any other name. This is the kettle calling the pot black, Israel who is guilty of war crimes, violations of UN resolutions, a nuclear threat to the region, etc. arrests a democratically elected Palestinian politician.

Hmm if we are going to use that standard, perhaps the UN should authorize the "arrest" of Bush and Blair for their illegal war in Iraq. After all they too were democratically elected and authorize state terrorism.

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Richard said...

Ummmm... I hate to nitpick but the current ceasefire is with Hezbollah and Lebanon, and has absolutely nothing to do with Palestine and Hamas.

As a result, your premise that Israel is violating the agreement is a complete sham. Please make the appropriate corrections...

eugene plawiuk said...

The ceasefire is between Israel and Lebanon but the continuing occupation of Palestine was the source of Hezbollahs actions ( that is a seizure of IDF soldiers in the disputed Shabba farms area in solidarity with Hamas).

My statement is that Israel is broadly engaged in illegal actions, the wall it built, the continued attacks on
Ramalah and Gaza, the kidnapping of Palestinian government officials, etc. etc.

All of these must be considered when we look at the current actions in Lebanon by Israel.