Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nuclear Threat In the Middle East

Nope its not Iran, it's Israel. With the help of their German pals.

Israel enhancing nuke-capable submarines

German engineers the past few weeks have been in Israel working to improve three advanced, nuclear capable attack submarines it provided the Jewish state last year, security sources tell the Galil Report.

Many here have estimated the vessels can be used both as a strategic, second-strike nuclear deterrent or for conventional use during any large-scale confrontation.

Military officials say the submarines are not needed for Israel's current campaign in Lebanon. The officials said Israel recently has discussed with foreign governments travel and refueling routes so the submarines can reach the Persian Gulf – within firing distance of Iran.

The submarines usually patrol in the Indian Ocean. But the Galil Report has learned one is currently stationed in the Mediterranean off the coast of Haifa and another off the coast of Lebanon. Both submarines are being serviced. The Galil Report was not provided with the location of the third submarine.

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