Friday, August 04, 2006

Lets Get Our Facts Straight

There is a myth being perpetuated by Pro-Israel commentators and pundits that Hezbollah has been using rocket attacks on Israel before the current Lebanon conflict. Untrue.

Of course that doesn't stop Israeli apologists like Warren Kinsella from lying in print.

"What media admonitions are now being levelled Hezbollah, which Canada still considers a terrorist organization – and which fired hundreds of rockets at Israelis for months, and continues to do so? Nary a peep."

The fact is that it was Hamas that has been attaking Israel with rockets for months, not Hezbollah who only began their rocket attacks after Israel attacked southern Lebanon.

Of course Hezbollah has been accused of rocket attacks before, which turned out not to be true. And that was in 2005.

No rocket attacks were conducted prior to the raid into Israel in July when Hezbollah captured the Israel soldiers.

That clearly exposes Kinsella's 'big lie' though he is not the only one to make this false claim. And of course he does so because he equates Hezbollah to the Nazi's as does the National Post.

So we are clear let me repeat this 'fact'; Hezbollah launched its 'counter offensive' only after Israel launched its attack on Southern Lebanon, NOT before.

Nor were Hezbollah attacks made against civilians in the past two years, they were on Israel Defense Forces on the Lebanese border.
Hezbollah, which fought a guerrilla war against Israel's 18-year occupation of Lebanon's southern border, frequently targets Israeli troops in the disputed Shebaa farms area.

Thats the facts.

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