Friday, August 04, 2006

Liberal Leadership Race Woman-less

Far and Wide does an assessment on the 'contenders' for the Liberal Leadership who he thinks have a chance. Who's Winning The Liberal Leadership Race? CTV says that the backroom boys agree. Liberal brass suggest tight 5-way leadership race

Unfortunately there are NO women in this listing. Where are they?

You have at least two running, Caroline Bennet and Martha Hall Findlay. So the Liberals publish a Pink Paper on Women in the Party and the top dogs in this race remain, men.

Calgary Herald Columnist Don Martin opines that Martha Hall Findlay may be the dark horse.
No-name Toronto lawyer vows to take Liberals out of the doghouse As does the Tor Star;MARTHA'S THE ONE TO WATCH

Hope springs eternal as the saying goes. But boys being boys, and backroom boys being the ultimate boys club, well the Liberals will be a long time coming in electing a woman as leader.

Why? Well they can look to the Conservatives who elected a woman PM only to lose the election. Not her fault, it was a Mulroney backlash. And the NDP has had two women leaders, neither of which managed to get the publicity Jack the Moustache has.

Parliamentary Politics remains a boys club regardless of sufferage. Women in the Liberal Party remain tokens, just ask Sheila who was stabbed in the back by Martin. Or ask Ignatieff who took his seat from a woman MP.

The Liberals are all about tokenism. Always have been, always will be. They have their token labour types, like Buzz and the General Workers Union in Toronto, they have their token minority groups,aboriginals, in the closet gays and lesbians, visible minorities, pro-lifers, pro-choice, ethnic minorities, women, etc.

Tokenism is Liberalism.

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son of gaia said...

Carolyn Bennett would be a disaster, as she's a Medocrat.

Martha Hall Findlay sounds much more promising. She actually sounds like a genuine human person and not a Political Barbie or an ideological robot.

Steve V said...


I would have referenced the woman in this race, but unforturnately they aren't serious contenders. However, I do think Findlay has run a terrific campaign and is defintely a rising star.

eugene plawiuk said...

Opps Steve I think yo uput your foot in it or your finger on it...'aren't serious contenders' the inherent sexism in that comment, which I am sure is inadvertant, makes my point, the Liberals don't take their women candidates seriously.

Steve V said...


I think you attach your own bias to my comment. Let me put it as a question- did I leave anyone out of the list that has any chance at becoming the next leader? The conclusion isn't gender specific :)

eugene plawiuk said...

Steve you are correct of course that none of the women candidates has a 'chance' of becoming leader, since the Liberals suffer from systemic sexism. They like the Harperites are a party of backroom boys.