Tuesday, August 29, 2006

NDP Green with envy

James Laxer says that the NDP is strategically challenged, and that challenge has gotten more serious as the Green Party showed it was a real national party this weekend, and elected as its Leader policy savvy media darling Elizabeth May who will give Jack a run for his moustache.

You see the NDP weakness is its relationship to the Liberals, fighting over 'progressive' votes, according to Laxer.

According to Nick Nantos of SES polling, in 2004 the Greens took votes from the NDP, in 2006 from the Conservatives. If they can don the mantel of the party of change, then they will be where the New party was when it was created.

They pose an electoral challenge as the new kid on the block able to mobilize discontent that got the Conservatives votes as agents of change. That change has been to hard a right shift for Canadians. Laxer suggests the NDP attack the Conservatives, leaving the way open for a Liberal minority government.

The Greens if they listened to Nick, would know that their best bet is to be a party of parliamentary reform, change the system wholesale, which will appeal to the old Reformers in the Conservatives and the old new lefties in the NDP. But that will only work if they don't mimic the platform of the NDP.

With Elzabeth May taking a page from Jack, and stating she will be sitting in the Public Gallery and available for media scums chances are good that between now and the next election, the Green Party profile will increase. It worked for Jack and the PM at the time had not locked out the media from access.

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