Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Soul of a City

Today marks the anniversary of Katrina's destruction of the Blues City; New Orleans.

In tribute to that great city I am listening to Eric Burdon's Soul of A Man,released in January of this year, it is an aural tribute to the blues of New Orleans where it was recorded. Eric and his band The Animals made blues the soul of their music, ushuring in the British Invasion, more so than better known bands like the Beatles and Stones. The latter who started out in the blues and moved on to Rock n Roll.

What Burdon did for San Franisco in the the sixties with his songs San Fransican Nights he has done for New Orleans with this album of New Orleans Blues/Jazz, that Big Easy Big Band sound.

Eric goes down and dirty on this album, with Kingsize Jones. And does a stunning version of blues classic; Red Cross Store that reminds one of his younger self when he made House of the Rising Sun a top 40 hit.

His song Feeling Blue takes on the prison industrial complex as a new form of slavery, and relates racism to class struggle. Not unlike his work with the Funk Band, War.

There can be no greater tribute to the Soul of A City than this album.

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