Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oh he is a columnist

The bias at the National Pest is rearing its head again.

In a story on the Liberals Retreat to Vancouver, err retreat in Vancouver, John Ivison of the National Post says this;
Liberals spent the previous evening patting themselves on the back at an event in Surrey, proud of being, in Michael Ignatieff's words, "the progressive social conscience of this country." But Lyotier's message mocks such complacency. That last sentence is an opinion by the writer, but it ran in the paper as a front page story, NOT identified as a column.

Though once you dig through the NP web site you find out that Ivison is listed as a columnist. Except he also is a reporter. So which is he? When is a column a news story and when is a news story a column?

Such media bias should set off the tinfoil hat crowd, except it's not CBC showing bias, it's the national media voice of the right wing. So I guess Scott Taylor won't be complaining about this. Nor will his pal and National Pest blogger Kinsella.

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