Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fighting For Democracy

So what happened to freedom of speech we are supposedly fighting for in Afghanistan, only a day after various pro-war bloggers in Canada wrote about a Canadian Forces blogger, his blog has been censored by the Canadian Military. So much for democracy.

Matt In AfghanistanThe life of an undergrad in a very big desert can be officially listesd as MIA thanks to censorship by the Canadian Military brass. Click on it and see for yourself.

Kinda reminds me of this 'democratically elected' guy
who is allowed to Blog but bans others from blogging.

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Robb said...

You may want to post a retraction since the site is back up and even Matt points out that he is not being censored. Having read some of his blog prior to it being taken down there were some things on it that did border on violating operational security

eugene plawiuk said...

I should issue a retraction for what? It was reported in the MSM his site had been censored see the link in the article. And his blog was down which you admit. Finally violating operational security gee that sounds like military censorship to me...