Sunday, August 27, 2006

Post Katrina Monster Executed

This hundreds of years old behemoth, compare the size of the guy and the gator, arose from his/her slumbers awakened by the hurricane last year only to arise and surface to be killed for their efforts.

Some days it is better to not have gotten out of bed.

And while this photo and story about the gator in Texas circualte this is also claimed to be a photo from Flordia from a year ago.

Both versions of this story can't be true, obviously — the big gator couldn't have been shot in Texas and Florida — but the emailed image of game warden Joe Goff striding beside the hulking alligator he shot and killed in April 2005 is authentic.
Giant Gator Bagged in Texas (or Florida) - Netlore Archive

Of course the reality is all about photoshop and perspective. Sort of like what the Tories have done on their webpage.

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