Sunday, August 27, 2006

McGuinty Corporate Welfare

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you, guess it was a good thing Daltons pal Buzz missed this photo op.....

He left the family Honda at home, but Premier Dalton McGuinty was greeted by more jeers than cheers yesterday in the middle of an Oshawa General Motors assembly plant.This after being named "personality of the year" last week by
Foreign Direct Investment magazine, a U.K. business publication, for his astute business acumen and passion for research and innovation.Some workers who joined in the catcalls said they were still angry with the premier for calling a 4,000-strong GM job cut "a little bit of contraction" in the auto industry last November. On hand yesterday to mark GM's plans to relaunch the Camaro, to be built in the plant for the 2009 model year, McGuinty was accused of taking advantage of a photo opportunity.Poor reception for McGuinty at GM

While amongst the right wing business types this corporate welfare is being denounced, quite humourously by Andrew Coyne, as another big tax hand out. Which it is and of course Coyne is right it's to produce the ultimate sixties gas guzzler; the Camaro.

So how come Dalton didn't tie his corporate welfare to production of hybrid and alternative energy automobiles, a green car? Oh because thats the NDP platform.....

Green backs for Green production...what a radical concept, it's called industrial ecology. A better environment plan than going nuke and banning coal...which is the other brilliant environmental policy of the McGuinty team in Canada's industrial heartland.

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