Thursday, August 03, 2006


One party is rudderless and the other is leaderless Conservatives, Liberals almost level in poll

The latest results by Decima Research, released to The Canadian Press, put the Conservatives and Liberals in a virtual tie nationally.

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Jay said...

And the NDP number dropped by 1%. HOw's Jack doing? You guys gotta put that lapdog down! I did not get my vote back in the mail that I loaned Jack but what I did get was a brand spanking new LIBERAL membership. He's done nothing with the votes people gave him, absolutely nothing but support the CPC whenever he could. No more. It seems that the lttle party with big ideas has become the little party that destroyed ideas they helped foster. Great job guys, keep thinking you can be liberals and maybe someday we will absorb your party. That is if it exists after the next election. Jacks gotta go! Feels like its 1974 again.

eugene plawiuk said...

Gee I hope you voted for Buzz he was the real winner last election wasn't he with his strategic voting which lost NDP seats to the Tories.