Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And Ezra Can Apologize Too

And while we are getting apologies by folks who accused Mahar Arar of being a terrorist how about Ezra Le Rant and his Western Standard publishing a front page apology to the Arar family. These are just a few examples I am sure you can find more, and more, and more.....

Layton wants to negotiate with Taliban terrorists (is NDP star candidate, Monia Mazigh -- wife of Maher Arar -- Layton's terrorism advisor?)

Alghabra was stopped at the U.S. border and searched and fingerprinted -- whether that was by reason of demographic profiling, or because he was on a watch list is uncertain. What is certain is that Alghabra turned it into an opportunity to gain media face time, Maher Arar-style, as an anti-American, anti-security mouthpiece.

Looking for a good read? Western Standard publisher Ezra Levant reviews and recommends the latest books. Buy them today!

Confessions of An Innocent Man: Torture and Survival in a Saudi Prison
by William Sampson
McClelland and Stewart, 432 pages

Unlike Maher Arar and the Khadr terrorist family, William Sampson has not received lavish government attention and aid, nor a public inquiry. Sampson suffered torture at the hands of Saudi Arabia, and that is one regime Canada doesn't want to offend. His book is about heroism--and Canada's diplomatic cads.



Ezra Levant

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Jan_ from_ BruceCounty said...

I think you would get more traffic and dialogue going if your blog page loaded quicker. That said, the mouth piece for the Western Standard will not apologize because they are blinded by their racist ideology and thus, no matter what, will continue to suggest that Mahar Arar is a terrorist, by the colour of his skin and his land of origin. This is also explains why Stockwell Day says they need to read over the 800 page text, to determine the course of action his govt will take concerning the Arar case, well they were so quick to condemn him as a terrorist. He wouldn't want to upset and piss off the editors and readers of this right wing rag, you know, their voters.

bruce said...

I have to agree with Jan that this blog is dreadfully slow to load, there’s an awful lot going on in the sidebar. I have one of the fastest computers around and a super duper connection and even I can’t be bothered sometimes, if I was on dial-up I wouldn’t be here at all.

That said, it’ll be a frosty Friday in Hell before Steve’s little lap dog Lhasa Ezra (aka Grandpa Munster) ever publishes an apology. Silly rabbit, apologies are for the rest of us, not conservatives, and these days conservatives are nothing without their little terrorist enemies. It doesn’t mater what he thinks, there will always be circular logic to help him save his own day. The best we can hope for is that he will spend so much time chasing his tail that he will get dizzy and pass out.