Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Earliest Writing in North America

And no it's not the Golden tablets given to Mormon founder Joseph Smith by the angel Moroni.....Though to his credit, being a scryer and seer, his belief in the ancient peoples of North America being more advanced turns out to be more true than the spiritualist faith it was based on.

More Than Pictures

Stone Writing Earliest Seen in Americas
The Cascajal block, pictured here, was found in Veracruz, Mexico, in 1999. Since then archaeologists have confirmed it bears the earliest known writing in the New World.

The arrangement and pattern of the symbols suggest the ancient Olmec civilization was using written language roughly three centuries earlier than previously proposed.

"We are dealing with the first, clear evidence of writing in the New World," said Stephen Houston, a Brown University anthropologist. Houston and his U.S. and Mexican colleagues detail the tablet's discovery and analysis in a study appearing this week in the journal Science.





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Larry Gambone said...

You can be assured that even earlier writing will be found. The idea that the Americas were "behind" the Old World technologicaly has been taking a severe hit lately. Pyramids contemporary with Egypt were found in Peru a few years ago and the dates for the development of civilization keep getting pushed further back...

eugene plawiuk said...

I did blog on that see my Monument Builders in fact you left a cvomment there to. Great minds as they say bro...