Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Alberta State Capitalism

As the Government of Ralph Klein sleepwalks on until a new party leader is chosen, it begins to look like the old Getty government. Gone is the mantra Government has no business being in business as it gives millions to Cargill the global agribusiness giant to expand its beef processing plant in Spruce Grove. Of course Gargill and Tysons and other big beef processors already reaped millions during the BSE crisis.

And will reap millions more as the Federal Tories hand them taxpayers dollars to develop their ethanol and biodiesel programs here in Canada. Both the BSE program of the Alberta Tories and now the Federal Tories Hot Air plan are toutedto be helping farmers, when in reality it is big agribusiness giants like Tysons, Cargill and Archer Daniels Midlands (ADM) that really benefit.

This is another reason for the destruction of the Wheat Board, to open up Canada's grain market to Cargill and ADM. It all began way back with the last Conservative government.
The Ethanol Scam: ADM and Brian Mulroney

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