Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tax The Social Conservatives

Here we go again tax free charitable associations violating the Revenue Canada Act which says they cannot engage in "partisan" political activities such as endorsing specific political parties or candidates for public office, making contributions to political parties and candidates, or participating in fundraisers for such individuals.

So when will that happen to these creeps who ran McVety against Garth Turner with the tacit support of the Harpocrites.

Same-sex supporters, opponents battle

Brian Rushfeld of the Canadian Family Action Committee, said the same-sex law poses a danger in schools, because teachers are being forced to teach students that gay marriages are the same as heterosexual marriages.

“Bill C-38 is now being used as a hammer to hammer homosexual teachings into public education.” he said. “That’s a great concern to us.”

Charles McVety, president of Canadian Christian College and a member of the executive committee of Rushfeld’s committee


Tax The Churches

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Whose Family Values?

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Michael said...


Thanks for this... IMHO opinion this is pretty outrageous that these organizations are on the windy side of the law when it comes to charitible status.

You can see my posts on this as well at The Upper Canadian: (at the bottom)


Susan Dan said...

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