Thursday, October 12, 2006

Canada's Napoleonic Code

Law & Order is the cry of the right wing historically. It is of course the defense of their property rights that they care about. In true conservative fashion of believing in traditional values, like going backwards into the future, or moving forward to the past the New Conservative Government has introduced the return of the Napoleonic Code.

Reverse Onus" for dangerous offenders

Typical of an autark like Harper who reads Stalin and models himself Canada's Emperor ala Napoleon.

The possibility for justice to endorse lengthy remand periods was one reason why the Napoleonic Code was criticized for de facto presumption of guilt, particularly in common law countries. The rules governing court proceedings, by today's standards, probably gave too much power to the prosecution; it must be said, however, that criminal justice in European countries in those days tended to side with repression.

Just like Canada today under Emperor Harper.


Canada's Prison Indsustrial Complex

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Tim said...

presumption of innocence? They have been found guilty at least three times before this will apply.

Give your head a shake man. We the people need protection and it aint from the government in this case.

eugene plawiuk said...

Habeas corpus man habeas corpus the right to be presumed innocent...its a slippery slop whose next terrorists like oh I don't know Mahar Arar, whom the Conservatives wanted to let rot in Syria cause he was guilty.